Technological development has made phones very important to everyone, as they have become similar to a repository for keeping notes, photos, videos, messages, bank payment methods, and many more. Certainly, all of what we have mentioned is very valuable to the user, and certainly, none of us likes to lose any of these files.

But as we know that these devices may malfunction for several reasons, sometimes even without reason, or get infected with some viruses, which leads to the deletion of all or some of the files usually. It must be noted that deleting these files in the devices does not mean deleting them completely, but that these files have been hidden in the phone and have become invisible to users.

So, apps to recover deleted files for Android came to solve this problem completely and recover everything that may be deleted in the phone, intentionally or unintentionally. This is done in simple and smooth steps, and it must be noted that this article talks at recover data android programs and not iOS or desktop apps.

Best apps to recover deleted files for Android

1. iMyFone

iMyFone recover apps

The application is used to restore deleted files from the phone and is among the Best apps to recover deleted files for Android, as the program is characterized by returning files that have been deleted under any means, whether viruses or malfunctions. But iMyFone is not limited to this feature only, but also has the advantage of deleting data from its roots, and this feature is very valuable in the event that the user wants to sell his phone to a stranger. It must also be noted that the app does not work to recover data android using the phone only, We need to connect the phone to the computer to restore it.

2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill recover apps

An application if we want to evaluate it for real we must say that it is one of the best recover data app for android. Disk Drill application recovers deleted videos in AVI and MP4 format, and audio files in MP3 and AIFF format. It also supports restoring the rest of the deleted files.

But the program has a negative side, which is that it does not support all types of phones, so the user may have to root the phone to use the app, and it must be mentioned that the application needs to use a computer, and it is not possible to recover deleted files for android through the phone only.

3. Recuva

Recuva recover apps

The application is used to recover deleted files for android, but it is mainly specialized in recovering photos, as it is literally a professional app in returning photos that have been deleted for any reason. But Recuva supports the Windows system only, and Recuva can recover data sd card of the phones only and cannot access the internal memory. So, if it is used on the Android system, the phone must carry an external memory, and for the app to work, the phone must be connected to the computer to recover data broken android.

4. Tenorshare UIt Data

UIt Data recover apps

It is one of the outstanding applications to recover deleted files for android, according to the testimony of most users who have obtained satisfactory results in recovering their files. Because of this, the Tenorshare UIt Data app is widely known and popular among users.

The best feature of the Tenorshare UIt Data app, which many users may need to recover deleted files for android, is to preview these files before returning them. It is great that this feature is available and regardless of the type of these files, whether videos, photos, or messages, all of them can be previewed before restoring. The features of this application did not end there, but the application provides another feature, which is its ability to recover data sd card from an android phone in a very short time.

5. Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone recover apps

It is one of the most famous applications to recover deleted files for android, so we will not need to explain all the details of the application because it is well known. The application is able to recover all types of deleted data.

But the Dr. Fone app has a downside, Which is the slowness of the app when starting the recover data android process, in addition to the fact that it is not a free app, unfortunately. To be fair with this application, the application is ideal to recover deleted files for android and is worth paying, as it is safe to use and is able to restore various types of files.

6. AirMore

AirMore recover apps

It does not differ much from the previously mentioned programs in terms of features, as it is able to recover deleted files for android of all kinds, whatever the reason for deletion, in addition to its ability to recover data from the external and internal memory of the phone. Despite its ability to recover all types of data and even WhatsApp messages, AirMore is bad at restoring SMS messages, according to some users of the application. In addition to the imperative to use a computer to recover data android.

7. phoneRescue

phoneRescue recover apps

An application specialized in returning deleted data in general and returning WhatsApp conversations in particular. It is a perfect and smart recover data app for android in terms of work, and it must be noted that the app belongs to iMobie. Also, the deleted data cannot be recovered using the phone only, but the computer must also be used.

One of the great features of phoneRescue is its amazing processing speed as in just a few minutes the app will start to recover all the deleted data. But, as usual, good apps are not free, the user is only allowed to preview the data, and you have to pay to download and recover deleted files for android.

8. Fonepaw

Fonepaw recover apps

It is a newly released app, but due to its high efficiency of use, there are many users who recommend this app. Fonepaw is characterized by the recovery of almost all types of deleted data, the app is not only specialized in recovering videos, photos, and messages only, but it is also distinguished by restoring contacts, passwords, temporary cache files, and browsing history. It must be noted that the application needs to use a computer to recover deleted files for android, and it cannot be restored by phone only.

With all these features, Fonepaw is not free; You have to pay to recover any kind of this data, unfortunately, the price of the app is also high compared to the price of other apps.

9. EaseUS

EaseUS recover apps

An application to recover deleted files for android from internal and external memory, the application features an interface with an almost perfect arrangement, which gives the user ease of use, the application is compatible with many phones with Android system. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

EaseUS app is not free, but the best thing about this recover data app for android is that it gives users a lifetime subscription plan worth $39, in addition to the user getting all the updates that the app releases.

10. Jihosoft Android

Jihosoft Android recover apps

Some users want to recover phone data but are looking for easy and uncomplicated ways with a simple step to recover files, so this app is perfect for that. Jihosoft Android features data recovery from Android devices as well as various other types of tablets, but the app needs to use the computer and does not work using the phone only.

Jihosoft Android is featured by its ability to recover data sd card and internal drive files to the phone, as well as recovering contacts, messages, and call history with complete information including email address, name, and job title.

This was a list of the most important paid and free apps to recover deleted files for Android. Most of these applications work very efficiently with a certain type of device without another, or with an Android version without the other, so you should try them and find the right application for your device and system. The most important thing is not to get frustrated, as all deleted files can be recovered, you just have to find the appropriate app.


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