We all know that YouTube is unsafe for children and poses a great risk and negative impact on their behavior. YouTube usually shows randomly many scenes of a violent or sexual nature, through suggested videos that sometimes appear or through advertisements, So YouTube is never a kid-friendly program.

Because children have recently become very attached to their phones, as they rarely leave their phones with complete difficulty, and parents can certainly not prevent them from surfing the Internet.

alternative for YouTube app
alternative for YouTube app

But there is a better solution for that, where instead of preventing children from surfing the Internet, there is an alternative for YouTube app that many children spend their time in.
In this article, we will show you the most important safe alternative apps for youtube for children. After reading this article, you will be assured of your children in terms of the content that they watch without worry.

Best alternative for YouTube app

1. kidTube


A good choice for those who are seeking an alternative for YouTube app for their children. An application that includes large groups of entertainment and educational clips for different ages children, one of the best options for those looking for useful programs for children, It is definitely the safest application for children to browse, as the application carries laws and conditions with a high level of security and strictness on videos.

Not only that, but KidTube has a team that checks the uploaded clips to make sure they are suitable for children.

For these many distinctive features, this application is considered the best among the YouTube alternatives applications, for safe browsing and watching entertainment videos for children.

Download: Android / iOS

2. Nick Junior

Nick Junior

One of the best alternative apps to YouTube, The program contains many features and offers appropriate topics for children such as Dora the Explorer, Peppa pig, the application not only entertains children but also provides useful educational programs for children and this is very interesting, as the Nick Junior program contains intuitive ways to teach children.

The features of the application did not end here but expanded, as the application offers educational games such as search and optimization and optimum solving, and it must be mentioned that this application has been developed by Nick Junior.

Download: Android / iOS

3. kidsBee TV

kidsBee TV

The best alternative for YouTube app is to teach children before joining the elementary school, as the application contains a group of teachers who manually select and publish educational videos, in addition to educational tests and useful programs for children that enhance their interaction and ability to learn. The application aims to teach children letters, mathematics, colors, and many more things to learn.

Download: Android / iOS

4. Jellies


If you are looking for useful programs for kids and want to educate your children by watching entertaining educational programs away from YouTube, then Jellies is the perfect application for this purpose. This application provides educational content for children through animations and educational videos that are safe for children. Therefore, it is considered the best alternative for YouTube app.

The application has a high level of safety for children. The application provides two options for the user, the option of general mode and the option of children mode. In addition to having a feature to set the type of content that the child watches, that is, when the child’s feature is selected, children can watch videos for the categories previously selected by the parents, and There are no random video views and suggestions like on YouTube.

Kids mode in the Jellies application is not free, but it can be tried for a period of 30 days for free, Even if it is not free, it is worth a try, as it is the best alternative to youtube app. and the user can cancel the subscription at any time after subscribing. The app is not available on the Google Play Store for Android, but Jellies can be downloaded from their official website via the Amazon store.

Download: Android / iOS

5. Sesame Street

Sesame Street

This app shows Burt Wayne and Elmo characters who dance and sing so if your kid is a fan of these characters and loves to watch them definitely this would be the perfect app for them and it alternative for YouTube app.

Sesame Street does not stop there, but rather provides entertaining programs that help teach your child the alphabet, through these characters and others within the application.

Children can also watch educational content related to art, logical thinking, and health, which enhances these characteristics of the child and their development, so it is an ideal application for those looking for programs that are useful for children and safe in terms of content, and the application does not contain ads at all. Therefore, it is considered the best alternative for YouTube app to entertain and educate your child.

Download: Android / iOS

6. GoNoodle


The GoNoodle application cannot be bypassed when looking for a useful program for children and an alternative for YouTube app. It is an application that provides short videos and educational programs that enhance the talent of singing, yoga, and other activities in children, in addition to providing etiquette education content, and children can also broadcast within the application.

The application is not confusing to use, it only requires logging in through an email and then entering the user’s number and then the application is completely ready to use.

Download: Android / iOS

7. Cartoon Network App

Cartoon Network App

It is an application adapted from the old cartoon network CN. This application contains cartoons that were previously shown on CN TV such as Ben 10, teen titans Go, Justice League, we bare bears, and many more cartoons. If your kid loves to watch CN, then this application is perfect for him.

Download: Android / iOS

8. youtube kids

YouTube is fully aware that it’s their app is not suitable for children and what is displayed inside it is not suitable for their ages, so YouTube decided to launch the YouTube Kids app, which is the version for children who can browse and watch games, movies, and educational videos in it.

The YouTube Kids app also allows voice search to find videos suitable for children, and the app is also enhanced with a safety feature where the user can disable the search feature to be able to control the consumption of content. In addition to the parental control and the temporary lock feature that automatically locks the application after a certain time of viewing.

Download: Android / iOS

9. PBS kids video

PBS kids video

Through this application, children can watch either PBS TV live or you can choose one of the characters of the user’s choice within the application, and the PBS kids program Contains famous characters that they can enjoy watching, such as sesame street and Curious George, in addition to educational videos for children. The app also contains features that are currently only available in the United States.

So it can be said that it is the best alternative for YouTube app to educate and entertain your children if you live in the United States

Download: Android / iOS

10. Kidoodle.TV


An app that is also one of the best alternative for YouTube app for Kids and is intended for kids from primary school age to 12 years old. The application offers more than 2,500 cartoon movies without ads and contains many of the characters that children love such as Super Mario and Gi Joe, and the Kidoodle program takes into account the ages of children and provides appropriate clips for their age. Parents can also remove any content they do not want within the app, as well as set the number of times children watch.

With all these many features, certainly now, most of the followers have thought that the application will not be free, perhaps? and the answer is yes, but the truth is that it is an ideal application and it deserves payment fees with all these features.

Download: Android / iOS

◽ Conclusion

In this article, we have reviewed a group of the best alternative for YouTube app that is useful for children. Of course, there are a lot of applications available in the App Store that we cannot mention all of them. We have mentioned only 10 alternative apps for youtube through which you can choose what suits your child.

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