ShareASale It’s really amazing. You can actually earn a lot of money simply and without much effort, you just have to sign up with them and start working. Or if you want, you can just find products there, send business there and you get paid off the products they sell. in this video, I’ll show you exactly how to do that. And we’re starting right now.

What is affiliate marketing?

You know, affiliate marketing is really booming. They say by 2020, and 2021, it will be a 6.8 billion market. It seems like more and more brands are now using affiliate marketing. And I want to tell you the story about how I got involved in ShareASale. And I sell my products on there now, but first, let me tell you how to use ShareASale. So you can make money, whether you have products or not.

first, let’s talk about affiliate marketing because that’s what ShareASale is in. So many of these other sites, affiliate marketing is based basically somebody recommending or sending somebody to a landing page, a sales page. And for that referral, they get a commission. It’s something you can do too.

ShareASale Earn Cash
ShareASale affiliate network

And it’s really quite simple. What’s going to happen is a customer lands on your page. You, as an affiliate, have a link on that page. They click that link. They go to a product such as maybe my survival food. If they buy that product, I’ve been paying mission to that affiliate, but it’s done through affiliate sites. So I don’t have to deal with it. The affiliate site deals with it. The affiliate doesn’t have to try to collect the money because the affiliate site pays them.

It’s really pretty simple. I mean, it sounds complicated, but what’s happening is the customer is clicking on a particular link that identifies that affiliate so that when they come to my site and they actually buy something, it’s identified as that affiliate who sent the customer, their Shareasale grabs that information says, Hey, you got a sale here. And that commission is then paid and out to the affiliate. And neither one of us had to do anything more.

The Vocabulary Affiliate

Now let’s go through some of them. The terminology used in affiliate marketing. First, the advertiser, the advertiser is generally the person who owns the product. They can also be called the merchant or the brand, something along those lines.

The next term you’re going to hear is the publisher. Now the publisher is the person or company who actually promotes and gets products sold. this person can be somebody who has a blog or a website or posts videos on YouTube. I know I post videos on YouTube. And if you look down in the video’s description in my channel, you’ll see links to Amazon because I’m an affiliate for Amazon.

Now, the next thing you’re going to hear, and that’s what Shareasale is, is an affiliate network and an affiliate network is that intermediary company that brings the seller together, along with the affiliate, and makes it all happen.

Of course, in the last term, we all know the customer, the customer is so important because they’re the ones who actually buy the product.

Now, the other thing you’re going to hear about is the affiliate program. And basically, the affiliate program is how all this is set up through one of these affiliate networks and the affiliate program. I may say, I want to pay out 5% or 10% of whatever I decide in that affiliate network will take care of all that.
The next thing you’re going to hear about is affiliate tracking. Affiliate tracking, affiliate tracking is basically that code that tells the affiliate network, who to pay and how much to pay.

Start Affiliate Marketing

There are two basic ways to start affiliate marketing. Number one, you can start from scratch. Okay. Start right off from scratch from the very beginning.

The next thing you can do is if you already have a product or service, you can become an affiliate or offer other affiliates to buy your product or service. So for example, uh, we have a company that sells survival food. Now we joined ShareASale and share sale. Actually, we’ll send business to my company through these affiliates. So what I’ve done is I’ve added that to my stream of income.

The other thing I can do, of course, is can be an affiliate, which I am. I just mentioned that. There are links in the video’s description there that take you back to Amazon. And when you buy one of those products, I get a small commission.

Now what’s really important is that you find a niche. Too many people try to go in four or five different directions. I was just reading one of my comments on my videos this morning. And I asked somebody what they sold. And they said they sold dog beds and they sold vitamins and they sold exercise equipment and they sold skin cream and they sold clothing and they sold hats and teeshirts. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, you have no niche. You have no niche whatsoever. So what I would tell you, in the beginning, is you got to get a niche. You got to get a direction that you’re going to, you’ve got to have an area of expertise.

Now I want you to think of it this way, first off, what are people interested in? What do you know about it? Okay, so you want to figure out what people are interested in and what you know about what are you passionate about? What would you like to maybe learn about? Even if you don’t have that much knowledge yet you can certainly learn about anything.

The next thing I would warn you against is whether it is evergreen? You’ll see a lot of products come out, everything from the pet rock to the fidget spinner, and it’s sold, but it’s sold for a short period of time. And then those people were scrambling to find something else. And of course, if you’re going to be an affiliate, you want to know if there’s an affiliate network for that particular product or for that particular niche. If there isn’t, it’s not going to do you any good because you need that affiliate network.

And of course, the last thing is, is it going to be profitable? Can you make money doing this? If you’re going to be an affiliate and you’re going to buy traffic and send it to a site and try to sell somebody’s product, you got to make sure that you make more money than you spend just simple economics.

Now, a great start is Google trends. See, what’s trending. See what’s going up, or at least remaining steady. You don’t want to catch something on the downturn. You want to make sure that it’s either steadily going up or it’s at least even once you’ve done this and you’ve found this niche, you’ve got to go out there and see if there are products that are available to sell to that niche. You got to have the products and they have to be available through an affiliate network. ShareAsale is the best affiliate marketing network for beginners and everyone, it contains thousands of products and will make it easier for you to work

Now you can do something simple, like go to Google and type in your niche. Let’s say survival food. And then add an affiliate program to that. Once you do that, you’ll see what affiliate programs there are out there.

Common questions about affiliate marketing?

There are a lot of questions asked by everyone who wants to work in the field of affiliate marketing. Many of these questions you will get to answer yourself when working and gaining some experience, but today we will answer the two most important questions that are frequently asked, and knowing their answer will help you start your work.

How become an affiliate marketer?

You may ask yourself, well, how do I become an affiliate marketer?
It’s really quite easy. Now, this video is about Shareasale. And basically, all you have to do is go to the Shareasale website, sign up to be an affiliate, find the product you want to promote and you’re off and running.

How much do I get from affiliate marketing?

Now the next question I almost always get is how much money am I going to make I can’t answer that question. It’s just, that it’s not possible to answer that question. It’s not possible to answer it because it depends on how much effort you put forth into it. It depends on what niche you pick.
I will tell you that according to, the average, the average income for an affiliate marketer is $62,327 a year, which is not bad, but I know you’re not going to be average, right? You’re going to be better than average

And you’re going to earn even more than that. There aren’t people that earn in the millions of dollars a year being affiliates. What is really so exciting about this is there’s really no cap to it. As soon as you find some products that work, you can go out and find more products and more products and more products after subscribing to the ShareASale program. And once you get a few ads that are turning profitable, you can add more and more ads. So it’s something you can build on over the years.

Earn Cash from ShareAsale

ShareASale, The Best affiliate marketing network

Now, let’s talk about ShareASale for a second. They were founded in 2000. So they’ve been around for 20 years now. They’re really established with partners. They’re established with affiliates and they’re a good place to start. And it’s a place where you don’t have to worry about the payouts when you’re going to get them. They take care of all that for you.

Now, I promised you, I would tell you how I got involved with ShareASale. And, you know, I knew about it for years and I’m involved with ClickBank and I’m involved with Amazon and different websites, but I had somebody working on my site the other day in India, and he’s a really intelligent guy and he did a great job. And he says, why aren’t you on ShareASale? And I said, Oh, I hadn’t heard about that. It just seems like a lot of trouble. And, um, he says, no. All you gotta do is go fill out these forms and go fill out these things, and you can start getting business.

And I thought, well, what’s the odds of me getting any business?
Um, but I went ahead and did it. I went ahead and filled out all this stuff and I had to put on there, you know, my logo, I had to put my website and I really didn’t put any tools in there yet. And I still haven’t, which are like banners and ads and all those things. I need to get those things going, but I put my website there and I put my logo there. And within hours, literally, I had a $797 sale. And I thought, wow, you know, that’s great.

But I also thought to myself, you know, for the past 10 years, I could have been doing this and getting traffic to my site and making money.

But the bottom line of the story is, you know, you want to always learn and share a sale around I hadn’t investigated. I knew it was there and I’ll do something else. Um, but it’s a great way to start guys. Whether, whether you have a product and you want to find affiliates to sell your product, or you’re in a position, we have no products whatsoever. If you just want to be an affiliate and send traffic, ShareASale is a great place to start.

Now put your comments below about ShareASale. Have you had any experience with ShareASale? Have you ever done any affiliate marketing? If you have, and you were successful, put it below. Some other people can learn from it.

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