Chess is one of the oldest games in the world and is gaining wide fame and popularity in the long run, as game of chess has been around for a long time and still is, and it is one of the games that depend on intelligence and high planning. Chess has its own rules, and it has undergone many changes.

Technology has given the possibility to play free online chess games with other people or your friends and the same degree of fun, enthusiasm, and realism, by downloading chess apps, or one can also play chess with the competition of artificial intelligence by downloading these applications on your smartphone or tablet.

In this article, we will review the best applications to play free online chess games that provide the user with realism and fun in the game of chess online, with the inclusion of a direct link to download each application for iOS and Android devices.

Free online chess games

1. Chess – Play & Learn

Chess - Play & Learn

It is one of the best free online chess game applications that work on the Android system, and it is also an educational application that allows the user to learn the basic rules of playing chess, that is, this application is not only for playing a game of chess but also learning the rules of play before starting. The user can also play chess online free with friends, or against artificial intelligence, in addition, if the user encounters a problem while playing, this application provides hints to solve it. The application can be downloaded for free.

Download: Android / iPhone

2. Lichess

Lichess Free online chess games

Lichess application that allows the user to play free online chess games over the Internet. The number of competitors in the application is estimated at about 150,000, and the user can play against opponents online, or against A1, and one of the advantages of this application is that everything inside it is open source in the game.

Download: Android / iPhone

3. Chess clock

Chess clock app

Chess clock app is chess online free with friends and it has a timer that each player must adhere to. During the gameplay, players have to move very quickly, pressing the button for their in-game timer and starting their opponent’s clock timer makes this game challenging and competitive during the gameplay.

Download: Android / iPhone

4. Really Bad chess

Really Bad chess app

One of the best free online chess games applications, the application is an advanced level to play the game of chess for free, and the application gives the user a classic chessboard with random pieces, that is, for example, the user has three queens, bishops, and 8 knights. It may seem strange at first, but with continued playing, the game will be like any board to play chess.

Playing within the Bad chess app is very difficult, given that the opponent has major players in the game, this does not mean that it is not possible to win, but rather it is related to the number of pieces, how professional you are in the game, and how prepared you are to enter difficult challenges. Available for Android and iOS.

Download: Android / iPhone

5. Play Magnus

Play Magnus app

This application allows playing free online chess games against a copy of the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. After winning chess matches, players can qualify and join a match against the world chess champion.

Download: Android / iPhone

6. Stockfish Chess

It is one of the best free online chess games, an application that allows the user to play chess with a technology that is somewhat similar to the technology of a computer chess game, which is the Chess Engine, but with the most advanced A1, through the use of special algorithms to guess the natural movement in the game. Stockfish Chess is the interface to the stockfish engine, which is the basis for all engines.

Download: iPhone

7. Real chess

Real ches app

It is one of the best chess online for free; The application enables the user to play a highly advanced 3D chess game for free, in addition to the fact that the user can not only play chess online free with friends but also chat with players in the game. Real chess app contains more than one million users, and the user can choose between three-dimensional and two-dimensional (classic) boards in chess, and the user can also play at different levels, up to 2,400 against artificial intelligence.

Download: Android / iPhone

◽ Conclusion

There are plenty of free online chess games apps that vary in level and playing experience. Some of these applications contain a large number of players to play against online, some provide an experience of playing against artificial intelligence, and some provide a simple gaming experience with lessons to teach how to play chess, so choose what suits you from our list of the best chess online for free play. If you are looking for games other than chess, you can see the list of the best mobile games.

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