Global technological development has led to the invention of many tools to perform difficult tasks that are difficult for humans to perform and make them simpler and easier to use. In design, many programmers have developed a lot of tools and sites to facilitate the design and make it more effective and faster in productivity for the user.

The design includes many sections, but in this article, we will mention the best free tools for website design only in terms of colors and illustrations, and some of these tools and sites facilitate the use of the features of the CSS language. Some of these tools can be used in all areas of design as well.

best free tools for website design 2022

Best color picker online

One of the sites that any designer must have are sites for choosing colors, as they are considered the unit of the interactive basis for the user.

Many sites and tools have appeared by developers that provide a variety of colors that can be used together in the design, which gives the color in the form of writing R.G.B numbers (it is an abbreviation of the words Red, Green, Blue) to get the specific color. Or it shows a color code called Hex code (it is a specific code that starts with the symbol #, and each color gradient has its own code). Here are the best free web design tools for choosing colors.

1. Material Colors

It is one of the most distinguished and used color sites for programmers, as it is characterized by the ease and simplicity of its work. The site provides you with an interface for all shades of colors, all you have to do is choose the appropriate color and just click on it, and the HEX code will be copied directly to you then paste it on your site, but you must put the # symbol at the beginning of the code, or you can copy the HEX code with the # sign directly. RGB numbers can also be obtained from the navigation bar at the bottom of the page that contains all of the above.

All you have to do is choose the desired type from the bottom bar, then click on the color and it will be copied directly. The site does not require any fees or registration, it is completely free.

2. Color hunt

One of the most important and best free tools for website design because it provides each color with a set of secondary colors that can be used with the main color in the design, and it also offers many suggestions for colors. The site consists of an interface that contains multiple colors that can be clicked and get the HEX code for each color, and use it directly in the design.

3. Rapid tables

This site provides an interface to find out the HEX code for colors, by writing the R.G.B colors and obtaining the HEX code. It also provides an interface for color gradations, you can click on the desired color and get the HEX code and R.G.B color numbers. In addition, it gives details of colors and gradations clearly and frankly.

4. Adobe Color

Tools to help choose colors from Adobe. This site offers a special color wheel, you can control the color to be extracted, or know other colors that can be put together in one design. The HEX color code can be extracted by clicking on the color through the bar shown at the bottom of the wheel, and R.G.B numbers can also be extracted. When you get used to using this tool, it will be one of the best free tools for website design for you.

5. Pigment

This provides a location for coordinating a specific color or its gradations with another color, meaning that the format will be associated with only two colors. You can choose the color you want and the site will present each gradient of this color with another color that can be used with it in the same design. In addition, a HEX code can be extracted for each color.

Free illustrations websites

Free illustrations websites

One of the most important and best free tools for website design are Illustration sites, it is one of the tools that programmers and designers are looking for and need because they are usable and explain some of the ideas of the programmer or designer and communicate them in a distinct, clear, and funny way to the user, and make him interact with the design smoothly.

There are many websites that offer illustrations that can be downloaded in SVG and PNG formats and easily added to your design and make your design perfect.

1. Argon Design

One of the best free tools for website design in the Bootstrap 4 framework, which offers distinct designs and attractive illustrations that can be modified, downloaded, and used. The interface of this site is characterized by displaying many graphics with the possibility of modifying the graphics and changing their colors, and the colors are bright and attractive with distinctive gradations. All graphics can be downloaded from the download button below the illustration and applied with your design.

2. Opendoodles

This site offers many illustrations, some animated and some static. When you click on the illustration, three buttons will appear, two buttons to download the graphic in SVG and PNG, and a third button to modify the graphic and then download it in 4K and use it with Photoshop or to design web interfaces, without any additional subscription fees.

3. Illlustrations

A site that offers a wide range of open-source illustrations to download in PNG and SVG extensions. All available graphics packages can be downloaded at once for free, modified and combined, and used with personal activities such as web interface designs, mobile applications, and Photoshop, or with any commercial activity.

4. Isometric

This site offers many excellent illustrations that can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats in one size. These graphics are licensed under the MIT License (a software license by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), meaning that all graphics can be used for commercial activities of start-ups and small businesses or for personal activity with a website, app, or any project, so it is considered one of the best free tools for website design.

CSS development tools

CSS development tools

CSS is one of the basic languages for designing web interfaces, as it shares with the HTML site-building unit and gives the design vitality and makes it more interactive.

The developers have provided several sites that facilitate the use of CSS features, Which I will mention some of them, which are considered one of the best free web design tools.

1. Flexbox Guide

This site provides a free environment to animate the elements to understand the CSS Flexbox model in a simple, easy and uncomplicated way. In the interface, you will find many elements, move them and arrange them as you want, and at the bottom, the CSS code will appear for the format of the elements you chose. You must have prior knowledge of the Flexbox feature to make it easier for you to use the site as it never provides the code ready-made.

2. CSS grid generator

It is one of the most useful sites for the CSS grid feature, many programmers have complete difficulty in understanding the details of this feature or may dispense with it completely despite its wide importance in the design of web interfaces. This site presents a grid of boxes on which columns and rows are selected as div elements in a sequence and the site will provide the CSS code and HTML code directly. This site will enable you to quickly and smoothly create a CSS grid for your design, and it’s completely free, so it is one of the best free tools for website design.

3. Fancy border radius

This site shows an interface for modification on the site’s frames, and through the CSS border-radius property that allows you to modify the frame radius of an element. On this site, you will find an environment that allows you to modify the radius of the frame and get a ready-made code, copy it, and add it with CSS code. You can also modify the length and width of the frame or use the custom width feature on the site. The site is completely free, requires no subscription fees, and is easy to use as well.


One of the best sites to add shadow to an element and to understand the Shadow property in CSS. Multiple options will appear in the interface and a fixed element in the middle and there is a color selection, as well as you can either choose the desired color from a list or add a Hex code for the color directly, from these options the size of the element, the radius of the frame, the distance, the intensity of the shadow, in addition to the shape of the shadow.

At the bottom, the CSS code will appear ready after adjusting the options to suit your own design, and you will see the results on the element installed in the middle. The site is easy to use and without subscription fees as well.


This site provides ready-made curves that can be used with the site’s interface by adding borders to the image in the header of the site. The site is easy to use and gives multiple suggestions. All you have to do is choose the appropriate suggestion and modify it as desired, then the site gives the HTML and CSS code ready for you to copy and add it with your code.

This was a review of the best free tools for website design that help you choose the right color and illustrations for your design and CSS development tools.

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