The banking sector witnessed rapid progress in the level of services over the past years, and the biggest progress in the banking sector was in bank transfers. Advances in the technological sector, in turn, affected the banking sector, and this development led to the emergence of digital currencies, which are the largest aspect of technological progress in the field of financial trading.

Most, if not all, banks now perform transactions online, and subscribers can deposit, pay bills, and make online purchases via credit cards. This development in the field of remittances corresponds to another development in the methods of money theft. bank account hack is easier than ever nowadays; Where anyone, even without technical skill, can take account information and steal money from it. To learn about the methods of bank account theft, ways to protect the bank account from theft, The most famous cyber-attacks on banks, please read the following.

bank account hack methods

1. fake email

The most common way to bank account hack is a fake email “Spam Emails”. The thief sends an email to random accounts, or to accounts he bought from another thief, or stole them himself, and sends a fake email containing a link through which he can access your data, or it is a promotional text that deceives the recipient such as “Hello Mr. I won the bank competition and won a Luxury apartment or free trip”. He then asks to write the account information on the link included in the e-mail, and so he steals the account’s data and steals with it the money from the bank account.

fake email to Bank account hack

Another text used by the sender of the email is, “We are experiencing a technical glitch with your account. Please send the account information until the malfunction is fixed”. The sender’s account uses the same bank logo, the same name in order to mislead the user and send the details without thinking. And then the bank account hack and stole the money.

2. Account and Email theft

Bank account hack by stealing accounts from other platforms. Professional hackers can be hacked into some big platforms like Facebook and steal numbers, passwords, and user accounts from them, and if the user uses the same password for all his accounts, the hacker will be able to steal the rest of the user’s accounts. If the hacker accesses the user’s Gmail account, he will own all the user’s data, including the bank data.

3. Computer Virus

A hacker or a group of hackers creates viruses that target the bank account. These viruses are spread in public Internet networks, via e-mail, and through fake websites. The virus leaks the bank account information to the hacker, In this way, he will be able to bank account hack and gain access to the money in the bank card and steal it completely.

4. Fake and public Wi-Fi networks

Bank account hack through public networks and the most dangerous method of penetration is done in this way. When a person enters a fake Internet, it gives a port to the hacker to access all the data on the mobile phone and by using some software, the hacker can quickly access all the phone data and all the accounts and not only the bank account hack but all the applications, and in this way he is able to blackmail people and harm them.

5. Stealing credit card information from an ATM

Some thieves put a scanner inside the ATM. When a person enters the credit card inside the ATM, the device copies the credit card details and saves them in a memory unit inside the device. After a while, the thief returns to take the device and take the details from the device and bank account hack.

In this case, the thieves deliberately choose the ATM that is out of sight and is not under supervision.

6. ATM hacking

ATM hacking

An ATM is a computer intended for a specific use, so like any other computer, it contains an operating system, and this system can be hacked. In some regions, the ATM operating system is even old and runs Windows XP, and this system has many old vulnerabilities that make it easier to be hacked than modern systems. By hacking the ATM itself, the hacker can steal users’ data, remittances, bank data, and money inside the ATM. This method of bank account hack is rare because most ATMs currently operate with updated operating systems and are secured against hacking.

7. Fake Calls

The bank account hack by calling the customer and deceiving him by telling him one of the following phrases: “There is a problem with your bank account, so please give your account information so that technical support can solve the problem” or “The bank is updating the database, so please give your details so that we will Update your data inside the bank” or “Someone has withdrawn an amount suspiciously from your account, so you must be notified”. When the user requests to secure the account, the scam caller asks him to confirm his data and tell him the account number and password, and so the caller steals it and withdraws the money from the account.

8. Hacking online shopping sites

By penetrating the database of e-shopping sites, the hacker can steal banking data attached to transactions within the site, and through this, he can bank account hack of customers, steal money, or sell your identity.

9. fake credit cards

fake credit cards

The thieves create fake cards that are identical to the original, using the users’ data they have stolen, and they make purchases and withdraw money through them.

10. Buying bank accounts from the Dark Web

We explained how thieves can get hold of buyers’ data. After stealing the data of many accounts, the hackers sell it to other people for certain amounts according to the agreement of the two parties, or two of them conclude a deal to withdraw the money and share the profits.

The most famous cyber attacks on banks

All international banks follow the policy of digital transactions, and most of their transactions take place through them, but some negative aspects have emerged, namely electronic attacks and the theft of banking user data by electronic thieves, and the most prominent of these electronic attacks are:

A cyber attack on Target, a company of American origin, led to the penetration of 70 million customers and the theft of their personal information and bank account hack, and the company’s reputation went to rock bottom after it was one of the third most important large retail companies.

After that, the company tried to fix the matter and issued bank cards to its customers, but this was not enough, as the profits of the company decreased by 440 million US dollars, and the cyber-attack cost the company about one billion US dollars. This led to the resignation of the CEO after this incident a few months in the year 2013, and the American judiciary issued a ruling on the company to pay a compensation amount to customers due to damages amounting to about 10 million dollars.

How to protect bank accounts

  1. Buying from trusted and well-known websites, and not entering suspicious and unprotected websites as well. If the website is hacked, your data will be stolen.
  2. Not to give account and credit card details to anyone, and not to give your information during the call because the bank knows all your details and will not ask for it from you.
  3. Not to open spam or unwanted e-mail and not to click on suspicious links without verifying their validity.
  4. Change the password regularly, and do not use a weak password.
  5. Not using the same password for all accounts; So that not all accounts are easily hacked.
  6. Refer to the bank in the event of any withdrawal of funds of unknown source.
  7. Do not connect to public networks
  8. Not to use suspicious ATMs and verify them before using them.
  9. Updating ATM systems to avoid being easily hacked. Do not use it if it is out of date.
  10. Not answering any messages of unknown source and that the bank communicates with subscribers via text messages to inform them of all updates.
  11. Use protection and encryption software on your devices to send and receive files

This was a review of the most important ways in which bank account hack and protection methods. We hope you have benefited.

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